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We specialize in recovering data from hard drives even after other companies
have attempted and failed the hard drive data recovery.


WHY should you choose Colorado Data Recovery over other companies?

It is always best to verify that your Data Recovery Denver Company can perform your recovery locally. We specialize in the fastest, local to Denver, Data Recovery available. Don't hesitate to call us or request a free Evaluation.


Located in Denver Colorado for over 15 years

There are very few companies in the United States who have the proper facilities to provide full-service hard drive data recoveries.

Though some local companies may advertise to provide hard drive data recovery services, be aware that they may only provide basic off-the-shelf software DATA recoveries because walk-in clean rooms are very expensive investments. For this reason, some companies offering hard drive data recovery services outsource their mechanical data recoveries (needing clean rooms) to one of three or four full-service providers like Colorado Data Recovery.

Other hard drive data recovery companies use us as their back-up DATA recovery service when they are unsuccessful. We have a Class-10, walk-in clean room so we do your hard drive recovery here on-site.

We offer a free analysis, no charge for parts, and at any time in the process you can cancel the service with absolutely no financial obligation.

We have competitive rates, fast turn-around, and the best customer service in the industry.

If you have recently sent your hard drive or electronic media to a local data recovery company, and were told that your data is unrecoverable, please call Colorado Data Recovery. We will be happy to evaluate your hard drive or electronic media and give you a second opinion at no additional charge. We have spent 14 years building custom tools and machinery specifically designed to replace the delicate internal components of all kinds of storage devices. If you're in Denver, Colorado please consider Colorado Data Recovery for your data recovery needs.